Originally released by a publisher called “Work Force” in 1983. It seems like most games released 1982 (when the Spectrum was released) and 1983, the games were of very low quality. High Noon wasn’t an exeption. It was in the same league as Hungry Horace, Jumping Jack and Pedro. Things turned for the better the year to come, hopefully.

Highnoon V3

Highnoon V3.0

Here is the list of improvements:

Changes for V3.0:

  1. Compiled with DBPro 7.7 RC6 making it DX11 compatible.
  2. Added properties to the executable with the name of the game and our organization.
  3. Improved the AI of the enemy:
    a) It now shoots at the bag of money;
    b) It now shoots less at the cactus if the bullets are not enough. It still has a chance out of three to shoot. Only used on level 2 and 3 of difficulty.
  4. If the players idle a “ZZzzz” animation starts.
  5. Fix: The wagon would become invisible if it was fading at the top of the screen and one player shot the other.

This file has been downloaded 3311 times.

Highnoon V2

Highnoon V2.0

New improvements have been made, as well as added and changed gameplay. The scoring is different and a new feature has been added. Now the cowboys can shoot a bag of money that is being dropped by the passing wagon for extra scoring. Nothing to go berzerk about, but it’s a nice feature. You get different points when you shoot your opponent. First bullet pays more than the last.

Find out for yourself! The file is 6 mb in size. Should be run in a Windows environment.

Here is the list of improvements:

Changes for V2.0:

  1. Now compiled with DarkBASIC Professional V6.7 providing better and faster code (It now requires DirectX 9.0c (October 2006) or higher).
  2. Enhanced the Artificial Inteligence of the enemy.
  3. The coffin animation when a player dies is now smoother, scrolling 1 pixel by 1 pixel, and it has a fading effect.
  4. The wagon now leaves a trail as it moves up the screen and the wagon fades away when it reaches the top of the screen.
  5. The wagon now drops a bag of money worth $500
  6. The score is now cash and is increased according to which bullet number hit the players
  7. Some graphics improved by Robert
  8. Bug fixes:
  • Fixed: Coffin animation smoother, moving 1 pixel at a time.
  • Fixed: The game over logo no longer appears behind the wagon if time reaches 0 when
    the wagon is in the place of the logo.
  • Fixed: Cleared the keyboard buffer after a player dies so that it doesn’t skip the coffin
    animation automatically.
  • Fixed: The players no longer appear outside the game screen at their lowest
    Y coordinate.

This file has been downloaded 3833 times.

Highnoon Beta 1.0

Highnoon Beta 1.0 (downloads: 3793 )

This file weighs around 4 MB and is the first release of the game High Noon. Contains a special tune made by Stefan Eriksson from Sweden.


Music, title tune (downloads: 3294 )

Original soundtrack by Stefan Eriksson.

Music, R.I.P (downloads: 2792 )

Original R.I.P tune by Stefan Eriksson.

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