Lotto Manager International v2.0

This software is developed to make it easy and fun for you to play Lotto. The software is free, playing Lotto isn’t, so be aware of costs and play responsibly.

At the moment this software is only available in Portuguese and English, but can have more languages in the future, hence the “International”.


You download the 1,3 mb small file and extract it anywhere you want, then simpy run the .exe file, no installation needed.

Lotto Manager International v2.0 has been downloaded 2641 times so far.


With this utility you can use lots of statistic techniques and it is even possible to have a text file with draws from official Lotto sources and automatically adjust the settings according to the draws in that file.


Support and questions can be mailed to


This software is free and will always be free. You are however always free to contribute if you find this software useful.

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