Three Weeks in Paradise v3.0 released

Hi all. Things are happening still in SpecNG. Recently Marco decided to tidy up some twip code and improve some of the stuff in the game. Release notes below. Go to download section for downloading version 3.0. Enjoy!

New in version 3.0
1. Now compiled with DBPro V7.7 RC7 to make it DirectX 11 compatible
(Win7 x86 and x64).
2. Added properties to the executable: game name and our team.
3. New (better) icon for the executable.
4. The music in the main menu screen has a higher bitrate (96kbps->128kbps).
5. Made the code more modular.
6. The screenshots now have four digits and begin in 1: “screenshot0001.bmp”.
7. The code is a lot faster in slower machines because of a change in the
main loop cycle. This won’t be noticeable on new machines but can boost
performance on older systems.
8. Fixes:
a) Changing the settings in the help screen would sometimes be too
b) Taking screenshots in the Rain God room while him, Wally and the
indian were touching each other, the indian would appear behind the
Rain God. The same happened in the frog room.
c) Running TWIP in a desktop window now has borders.
d) In the main screen, if trying to quit and then select not to, it
just removes the vulture and doesn’t redraw the screen.
e) If we were coming from the room under the sea, the frog would become
invisible for a few seconds.
f) If we had the in-game music off, then executing the game again and going
to the help screen to turn it on, it would continue off.
g) Added a function that, before hiding the sprites, it checks if they
exist avoiding the possible error “sprite not found”.

Readers Comments (1)

  1. So great! Thank you very much for release of it!
    I remember my childhood and this game! Awesome!

    Kostya, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.

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