Three Weeks in Paradise

Created in 1985 by Mikro-Gen, Three Weeks in Paradise was a great hit! The Week family went for a holiday, but crashed and was kidnapped by cannibals on a paradise island. Therefore the comic title; Three Weeks in Paradise…
Wally’s wife, Wilma was hung in a tree and Wally’s son Herbert was put in a cauldron, guarded by lions and vicious cannibals. It was now Wally’s job to rescue both Wilma and Herbert, then escape from this dreadful place!

Version 3

Infinite Lives Version 2017 (downloads: 1807 )

Yes! To end your misery and let you finally complete Twip! Here’s your ultimate POKE!

The ZIP file weighs 1,5 MB! Only contains files for you to copy to existing game folders.

Version 3.0 (downloads: 4589 )

The ZIP file weighs 18 MB! When downloaded, unzip and run the Setup file.

Version 2

Version 2.0 (downloads: 12691 )

The ZIP file weighs 18 MB! When downloaded, unzip and run the Setup file.

Patch 2-1

Patch 2.1 (downloads: 3930 )

The ZIP file weighs 1.5 MB. When downloaded, unzip and copy the files where your copy of TWIP is. Yes, overwrite the media, it’ll replace two images and copy a new one.


Music, game ending tune (downloads: 3105 )

By Stephen Mifsud.

Music, ingame tune (downloads: 3163 )

By Stephen Mifsud.

Music, R.I.P (downloads: 2922 )

By Stephen Mifsud.

Music, Title tune (downloads: 3059 )

By Stephen Mifsud.


Walkthrough (downloads: 4481 )

In PDF. Walkthrough taken from World of Spectrum, with permission.

Way back in 2002, we started planning on our first project; Mikro-Gen’s Three Weeks in Paradise. Marco was responsible for the coding and I was about to draw all graphics for the game. We agreed to code the game using Dark Basic Pro, and back then it had lots of bugs. It was one of the reasons why TWIP was so delayed; lots of functions in the game couldn’t be implemented due to unimplemented functions in DB Pro.

We released an Alpha in 2002, with limited gameplay and with almost no graphics converted. After awhile, the Beta was released and later some patches. In 2006, the Final version (2.0) was finally realeased after lots of delays and broken promises. After all, we do this for free and unfortunately, we both had lots to to in our personal lives, hence the delay.

The graphics in the game was entirely made using Photoshop and consists of 33 background screens and a number of sprite screens in PNG.

The music was created by Stephen Mifsud from Malta. He made a remake of the original TWIP tune, now heard in the menu and used a classic piece in game. We are most grateful for his help. You can read about us and Stephen under About us and watch screenshots, videos and listen to the music under Media.

Readers Comments (3)

  1. There used to be a Shift+D+P cheat to get infinite lives in the original game. No such thing here?

  2. Quickload doesn’t work for me… F9 does nothing. Am I doing anything wrong? Thank you. The game looks great!

  3. Is there any way to get infinite lives?
    Any cheats? (pokes)


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