ZX Life Shield Pro

V4.1 – 5 Aug 2012

  1. Supports both .sna and .z80 file formats
  2. It works both for 48 kB and 128 kB games
  3. Made using BlitzMax

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V2.2 – 20.Jun.2008

  1. The utility now supports .Z80 format which is probably the most popular format.
  2. The utility is now less CPU intensive as I used a special trick told to me by a moderator from the official DBPro Forum (IanM) and Lee Bamber
  3. The counters found are now displayed in red over a lighter blue background
  4. Removed the silly function that the documentation of the Extension BLUE GUI 2 claimed to be needed and that added all libraries to the executable. Now the size of the utility became much smaller and there is no need to use compression anymore
  5. Fixed the large fonts issue that people with larger default Windows fonts were experiencing
  6. Now peeking into a RAM address shows the text: “Value at RAM address ADDRESS is: blah blah”
  7. Minor GUI improvement, adding the ZX Spectrum RGB lines at the bottom right of the screen

This file has been downloaded 4084 times.

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