ZX Life Shield Pro 4.1 released

Our sideproject ZX Life Shield Pro has been reprogrammed in BlitzMax instead of Dark Basic Pro due some issues with an extension which didn’t work quite well. A bonus with the change of engines means we can provide software for Pc, Linux and Mac. That’s awesome.

4.1 – 5.Aug.2012
This version was compiled with BlitzMax V1.48 .

  • ┬áNow there is a popup menu to mark/unmark/copy the addresses found, making it easier to test them in emulators. Just right-click on the addresses found. Thanks to the forum user Scaremonger for the help.
  • Added a new option to the TOOLS menu: “View RAM as ASCII” that shows the text of the first snapshot, being useful for adventure games or finding level codes.
  • Fix: If editing the text boxes of lives1, lives2 or lives3 and pressing the increase/decrease button in other of those three text boxes, the lives no longer change in them.

Go ahead to the Download section and download it to your computer today! Currently only available on PC, as our Linux/Mac compiler guys can’t get their thumbs out of their… Ahum.

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