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  1. Hi. Student in computers here.
    I’m just downloading Three Weeks in Paradise.

    Looking for a good fun computer adventure game.

    Why not charge for downloads – someone could be ripping you off by selling your software without you knowing?


  2. i wanted to go to university but wasn’t clever enough. HighNoon is an excellent game reminds me of what i was playing while i was visiting my sister at university c.1990!! cool retro. could be better thou.getting there!

  3. Your graphics are excellent ! I have 36 years old and “3 Weeks In Paradise” reminds me about all my beautiful child-time, this was my favorite game on Spectrum HC85. Now because your hard effort “3 Weeks” looks great. Thank you very much and I’m waiting for another Z80 remakes.

  4. Zx spectrum was my first computer, almost twenty years ago, and 3weeks in paradise was one of my favourite, beloved games. Thank you for your work.

  5. Hello there ,
    i have just been surfing through here and i see that you do remakes of spectrum software, well i have remade Specdrum for the pc with a few little twists , i know your going to say well spectaculator emulates this , well this has been totally converted and written with blitzmax ide software and supports more features than the original.
    I was just wondering how can i send this in to you for your viewers to download the program with all folders and songs is around 2.7meg.
    features :
    16 songs in memory
    5 lines in the pattern editor (Specdrum orig has 3)
    sample tuning individually
    volume and pan individually
    load different drum kit to each song in memory
    Load and save album (as Dump file)
    Song info for each song in memory
    Screen saver (Definable in options page)
    10 samples in memory at once (specdrum had 8)
    all recorded at 44khz stereo
    Security code on install
    Change the colours of each background to each song
    Track time display when playing song from menu.
    A full help file on how to use
    what more can i say
    tell me how to upload and then try for yourself
    Please email me
    Lee Broadhurst

  6. Genadiy Demidenko May 2, 2008 @ 3:11 pm

    Great job !!!
    It’s wonderfull GAME for WORLD.

  7. thanks for bringing my childhood back to me. retrogaming so kicks arse.

  8. Hi ! Great webpage and nice work you people have here ! Altough i usualy dont use Windows ( i use Debian GNU/Linux 99% of the time) i wish these remakes could run under Linux or alternatively under WINE.
    Anyway, keep up with the remakes. Cheers !!!!

  9. O my gooodnesss !!!

    long long time ago …. when i’ve bought my first microcomputer timex 2048 in 90’s [that was hard to get in Poland :P]. I modified it to 128Kb 🙂 with ay greck 😛 … ok …

    That game was the first adventure game which i finished. When i found out about your project … o my .. memories returned and i’m going to finish it again 🙂

    Best regards,
    Szakal [Jackal]

  10. how to pick up items in 3 weeks? Not word in help/F1 other.

  11. Glad to see a remake underway. My Wally Week website hasn’t been updated for a while, but its gonna be back with a vengance soon…

  12. Puzznic HD. Retro game for Android OS

    Seems to be a decent remake! /Lineman

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