Simple shooting game for one or two players set in a western environment.

Three Weeks in Paradise

The Week family went for a holiday, but crashed and was kidnapped by cannibals on a paradise island.

About SpecNG

What is Team SpecNG? Team SpecNG was founded in 2001 by Marco A.G. Pinto of Portugal and Robert Bergström of Sweden, with the purpose of converting games from the old 8-bit computer

Infinite Lives Version now available!

To meet some old requests, we decided to release an infinite lives version to you! It’s been about 15 years since we released it first, and it’s a challenging game, so now you may have a chance to complete it!

We may not be able to fix any bugs you report, because Dark Basic Pro is no longer among us, but we may have a copy that still runs on an ancient computer somewhere. 😀

Go get it on the download page!

What else is new? We haven’t died or something, but we’ve been busy with other things. Marco with studies, work and science and me with life, work and trying to change my thoughts about remakes. I’ve been looking at Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. Even did some project using Scratch! Highnoon is almost complete in Scratch, how’s that for a laugh? We will release something new, in the near future, which can be withing 10 years or so… 

We’ll keep you updated…

Updated again

Just updated our site a tad. New design and made a few changes on some pages.

Curious of what a remake is?

Here’s a tease:

A video game remake is a game closely adapted from an earlier title, usually for the purpose of modernizing a game for newer hardware and contemporary audiences. Typically, a remake shares essentially the same title, fundamental gameplay concepts, and story elements of the original game. Changes usually involve superficial graphical enhancements, but may also include substantial gameplay changes and expanded content.

A remake typically shares very little of the original assets and code with the original game, distinguishing it from an “enhanced port,” or partial remake.

Read more on the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_remake Wikipage

ZX Life Shield Pro 4.1 released

Our sideproject ZX Life Shield Pro has been reprogrammed in BlitzMax instead of Dark Basic Pro due some issues with an extension which didn’t work quite well. A bonus with the change of engines means we can provide software for Pc, Linux and Mac. That’s awesome.

4.1 – 5.Aug.2012
This version was compiled with BlitzMax V1.48 .

  •  Now there is a popup menu to mark/unmark/copy the addresses found, making it easier to test them in emulators. Just right-click on the addresses found. Thanks to the forum user Scaremonger for the help.
  • Added a new option to the TOOLS menu: “View RAM as ASCII” that shows the text of the first snapshot, being useful for adventure games or finding level codes.
  • Fix: If editing the text boxes of lives1, lives2 or lives3 and pressing the increase/decrease button in other of those three text boxes, the lives no longer change in them.

Go ahead to the Download section and download it to your computer today! Currently only available on PC, as our Linux/Mac compiler guys can’t get their thumbs out of their… Ahum.

Three Weeks in Paradise v3.0 released

Hi all. Things are happening still in SpecNG. Recently Marco decided to tidy up some twip code and improve some of the stuff in the game. Release notes below. Go to download section for downloading version 3.0. Enjoy!

New in version 3.0
1. Now compiled with DBPro V7.7 RC7 to make it DirectX 11 compatible
(Win7 x86 and x64).
2. Added properties to the executable: game name and our team.
3. New (better) icon for the executable.
4. The music in the main menu screen has a higher bitrate (96kbps->128kbps).
5. Made the code more modular.
6. The screenshots now have four digits and begin in 1: “screenshot0001.bmp”.
7. The code is a lot faster in slower machines because of a change in the
main loop cycle. This won’t be noticeable on new machines but can boost
performance on older systems.
8. Fixes:
a) Changing the settings in the help screen would sometimes be too
b) Taking screenshots in the Rain God room while him, Wally and the
indian were touching each other, the indian would appear behind the
Rain God. The same happened in the frog room.
c) Running TWIP in a desktop window now has borders.
d) In the main screen, if trying to quit and then select not to, it
just removes the vulture and doesn’t redraw the screen.
e) If we were coming from the room under the sea, the frog would become
invisible for a few seconds.
f) If we had the in-game music off, then executing the game again and going
to the help screen to turn it on, it would continue off.
g) Added a function that, before hiding the sprites, it checks if they
exist avoiding the possible error “sprite not found”.

Highnoon V3.0

Hi! Things are as usual going slowly here at Team SpecNG, but Marco wanted to update Highnoon and I complied…

A few AI fixes and an idle animation. Plus that you can now play on your Windows 7 PC.

Here is the list of improvements:

Changes for V3.0:

  1. Compiled with DBPro 7.7 RC6 making it DX11 compatible.
  2. Added properties to the executable with the name of the game and our organization.
  3. Improved the AI of the enemy:
    a) It now shoots at the bag of money;
    b) It now shoots less at the cactus if the bullets are not enough. It still has a chance out of three to shoot. Only used on level 2 and 3 of difficulty.
  4. If the players idle a “ZZzzz” animation starts.
  5. Fix: The wagon would become invisible if it was fading at the top of the screen and one player shot the other.

So, go here to download it.