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  1. [JJ] says:

    Hi, I’m looking forward to your remake with great anticipation. If you want to keep me informed via email on the progress of the remake and I’ll post news of it on my website. Keep up the good work…
    Oh, while I’m here I’d like to make a request for a remake. Turbo Esprit or Scuba Dive… two of my favorite Spectrum games, and both from Durell!!!
    ps… Add Thanatos and Harrier Attack to that list too!

  2. Glad to see a remake underway. My Wally Week website hasn’t been updated for a while, but its gonna be back with a vengance soon…

  3. Lee Meredith says:

    Good to see you making a serious attempt to re-create an old ZX classic, with attention to detail, final version should look great! My remake request would be ‘Quazatron’ – imagine that game with smooth scrolling 🙂 Keep up the good work, Cheers, Lee.

  4. I visit the page quite regularly and I am impressed by the way things are progressing. One of my all time favourites on the Spectrum is a game called TURMOIL which was released by BUGBYTE. I would love to see a competent remake of this game. Many congratulations on your progress.

  5. Jumba says:

    Wow!! 3 Weeks is one of my all-time favourite games (on any platform). Good job guys, keep it up. Looking forward to the first fully playable version. 🙂

  6. George says:

    Great work! It was one from first graphics action adventures i ever played. I remember this like it was yesterday… 🙂 Good luck in your project.

  7. Arturo Tuya says:

    Fantastic !!! Great job. It´s a sensational remake.

  8. Oh my friends!!
    It’s a real great work. I hope you’ll go on this way. Thank you for this great NEW version of the classic.

  9. Andy says:

    Just seen 3 weeks, WOW!!!! my fav game of all time now on PC, fantastic.
    Any artists willing to work with me on future projects contact me soon, im nearing finishing a game but need an artist.

  10. Hale2000 says:

    Not bad, not bad!
    Very impressive I must say!
    Really looking forward to play the final version! Keep up the good work! How about a remake of Bruce Lee later on?

  11. Arturo Tuya says:

    For Hale2000: webpage with a remake of Bruce Lee is (work in progress).

  12. GeeKay says:

    Very impressive. Wally forever. Look forward to the final product.
    Glad to see Spectrum fans round the globe:-)

  13. Andy says:

    I look forward to it, had a bit of trouble with my system over the last few weeks but im up and running again and waiting to download. Still intrested in writing again

  14. slavko says:

    Thanks! Spectrum lives, and that is
    good ! wish you all best in your future works …

  15. Very cool.
    Good job.

    Gilberto – Brasil

  16. Ray Head says:

    This remake is great right up there with Skooldaze

    Me and my cousin used to play ‘3 Weeks in paradise’ on my Speccy 128K +2, you’d wait ten mins of for it to load then play it, computer would crash then wait another ten mins for it to reload, that game was(is) so addictive.

    Games i’d like to see remade are
    1.Saboteur 1 or 2
    2.Target Renegade(Cant believe how addictive this still is)

    Thank you for taking time out to write this game
    (Must have been a lot of hard work)

  17. Steve says:

    Wow what a remake! Certainly one of the best Ive played in the recent few months. keep it up!!

  18. aragog says:

    This is the best remake I have seen. The graphics are so well designed, sympatetic to the original yet richly texture and coloured. Well done. I will come back often to see how your getting on. Your work is enspiring!!!

  19. funkymoose says:

    Ace mate, live the dream baby!

  20. John DOw says:

    Woohoo – well done those men! It’s coming along brilliantly.

    Keep at it!

  21. Spirit UK says:

    Excellent, I loved the Wally games back in the 80’s and still play them now. Don’t forget the cheatmode which was P D and Symbol shift on the Speccy while Wally was sat down. I would love to see all the other Wally games remade too. Well done.

    Spirit UK

  22. Liz says:

    Congrats for makeing a great game look even better! I remember playing this game for hours and did actually manage to complete it once.My fav micro-gen game was Everyone’s a Wally but never did round to completeing it 🙁
    Keep up the good work you’ve done this game proud and made me feel all nostalgic!

  23. Hendrik says:

    This is one good remake. Keep it up

  24. Ivan says:

    Excellent work! I just wish I could return to the 80s and play my Spectrum games. Of course I can play them now, but that special feeling is missing.
    I’m nostalgic everytime I think about the good old days.
    It was better everywhere, not just computers…

  25. Scotty says:

    Awesome!! I also loved this game and I can still remember the solution!! 🙂 I can’t wait…

  26. hitm4n says:

    Love the new design. Very tasty. I’ve been holding my breath for this new beta and i am so blue its ridiculous !! Come on – before i pass out…

  27. STINGER_ says:

    OUTSTANDING! Congratulations 4 your Xcellent work. 🙂
    I wonder if there is any chance of making a remake of “Pacmania” (my eternal favourite spectrum game) ou “Nodes of Yesod” ?
    Just keep ur good work , fellows, and cheers from Portugal´s Spectrum fans. 🙂

  28. Hobbes says:

    Nice design! Great GFX! Keep up the good work guys!

  29. mark says:

    Fantastic GFX! Brilliant work!

  30. Evangelist says:

    When a Linux version or port???
    Good work….. follow this way…
    Plans for other Wally series?????

  31. Breaker says:

    Hey guys, this is brilliant!! Just can’t wait for the final release! Keep up the good work! See ya!

  32. Amar says:

    Very attractive game site!

  33. Michael says:

    Just stabled onto your web site, 3 weeks in paradise eh…he he.. i remember playing that on my 48k speccy.. good job on the remake, hope you do plenty more in the future…

  34. Breaker says:

    There is no update since december.. Project is disabled? 🙁

  35. Matt says:

    Looking good. I hope it plays well too 🙂

  36. Linda says:

    Very nice site!

    very interesting on “Three Weeks in for competition!”

  37. Hi! The game Three Weeks In Paradise was great and your remake is excellent! Good job 🙂

  38. Lee says:

    Great site. Am waiting to play your games!

  39. Thurstan says:

    An Amstrad man myself but i love sites like this! keep up the good work, very impressed with 3 weeks in paradise, reminds me of my youth.

  40. stone says:

    three weeks in paradise is a legondary game, i can bairly believe its been re-released. ill get bak 2 u with my opinion, this shit looks gooooood :]

  41. 4RESTER says:

    10x a lot dudezzz!
    Really cool, really feel nostalgy!

  42. This is so very cool! I played Three Weeks all the time on my speccy. Old farts such as myself will never part with those wonderful classics! Big thanks!

  43. stampy says:

    AMAZING, as a kid i loved this game and have thought about it for for at least the last 15 yrs, then i stumble across your site and discover that a group of genius’s have resurected this masterpiece and not only that but they’ve also managed to make the game better then it previously was!!!!!! THANX GUYS, YOU RULE!

  44. Carolyn Webb says:

    Sorry, i’d love to play this, as it looks good, but i have an old win98, which runs some Win32 games,I’ve tried all versions, but each time i try and run the programmes they say my runtime files are invalid, with errors, so not sure what is wrong, any ideas. I have VB6, DirectX 9, plug and play stuff for graphics etc, but cant get the game togo! Sorry, if anyone can help please let me know. Cheers!

  45. Breaker says:

    Hi there! This remake is great! I was amused, while playing TWIP! When will be the full version released? Waiting for it for a long time!

  46. dude says:

    i saw/played this game called highnoon and it was just like your game except it was way better………. but it didnt have as many sound effects as yours….. but it was way better. you know im realy confused cause. this is your final release and it looks weaker than the one i had… which means it was made by someone else… im not realy sure. im confused for now… but cool game anyways. kinda buggy and slow though. the other one was smooth and very smart (AI)

  47. David Perry says:

    Congrats on finishing Three Weeks in Paradise! Nice Job!

    David Perry

  48. Spirit UK says:

    Did you put in the cheatmode? or is there a cheatmode for infinate lives?

  49. Glad to have found your homepage! Beautiful work! Excellent remakes! I thought that “High Noon” was long forgotten, but here I found it. Thanks a lot guys!

  50. hitm4n says:

    You guys have done a great job on 3 weeks. When are you doing another cool project ?

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